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Brush pen lettering

Brush Pen Lettering: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Lettering Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles is the first book and a comprehensive resource aimed to set the beginner up for success and to help those who want to step up their lettering game once the basics are mastered.

brush pen lettering practice book

Brush Pen Lettering Practice Book: Modern Calligraphy Drills, Measured Guidelines and Practice Sheets to Perfect Your Basic Strokes, Letterforms and Words is the companion workbook to the instructional guide. Packed with drills, tips, and exercises, this practice book provides the right amount of coaching to make daily practice easy, efficient, and most of all, fun!


about the author

Grace Song is a hand letterer and calligrapher based in Toronto, Canada. As a young girl, she was always drawn to beautiful script and experimented with her very own calligraphy kit. Flash forward many years later, and her passion for all things hand lettered had been reignited. Beginning with learning one letter a day, Grace now creates dynamic, hand-lettered pieces with a variety of tools, including brush pens, pointed pens, watercolours, and an engraver. As an elementary school teacher by day, Grace combines her love of teaching with her passion for hand-lettering, to model for her students and others, that it is never too late to learn something new or make time for what makes you happy.