Brush Pen Lettering | A Step-by-Step Workbook for Lettering Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles

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Brush Pen Lettering | A Step-by-Step Workbook for Lettering Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles


Each copy of Brush Pen Lettering will be personally signed by Grace!

Brush Pen Lettering is a comprehensive resource aimed to set the beginner up for success and to help those who want to step up their lettering game once the basics are mastered. 

This instructional guide will help you get started with everything from choosing supplies to holding the pen and applying pressure, to learning basic strokes that are foundational to your lettering journey. From there, you will learn how to combine these basic strokes to make letterforms.  The alphabet guide includes upper and lower case exemplars along with diagrams that demonstrate how the strokes are connected.  Brush Pen Lettering is jam packed with color illustrations and tips for troubleshooting, finding consistency, and making progress.  After mastering the basics, the guide will show you several simple ways to change the look of your letterforms, providing a basis for developing your own style. Finally, you can apply everything that you learn by exploring the layout process for lettering phrases or quotes and delving into DIY projects that are both fun and approachable.  This resource includes guide sheets in the back that you can use repeatedly during practice by simply placing tracing paper on top.

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Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: Ulysses Press (June 30, 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1612436838

ISBN-13: 978-1612436838


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