Wax Seal Stamp Collection

A collaboration between Grace Song Calligraphy & Get Marked

original Wax Seal Stamp Designs

Seven designs originally hand-lettered by Grace Song Calligraphy, these wax seal stamps are sure to please anyone interested in stationery and paper goods. Bringing traditional sealing to a modern world, these original designs are approachable and easy to use on invitations, greeting cards, letters, gift wrapping, and other paper-related goods!

handle types and colors

Each wax seal stamp measures approximately 9 cm long and features a high gloss acrylic handle (Oyster or Dusty Pink) or a wooden handle (Natural or Black) attached to a gold plated brass plate.

Wax Colors

Choose between 6 different colors. Each set comes with 2 sticks in the same color and each stick makes approximately 8 seals.