brush pen lettering Practice Book

modern calligraphy drils, measured guidelines and practice sheets to perfect your basic strokes, letterforms and words

The Brush Pen Lettering Practice Book is the companion workbook to the instructional guide, Brush Pen Lettering, a comprehensive resource aimed to set the beginner up for success and to help those who want to step up their lettering game once the basics are mastered. 

This practice book begins with a brief introduction that includes information on choosing supplies, tips on how to use the guide, and how to hold the pen and apply pressure. It starts with the basic strokes, and the various drills and exercise that follow increase with difficulty, helping you build your skills in a gradual way.

Drills and exercises on the following are included:

  • Basic Strokes

  • Connecting Basic Strokes

  • Lowercase Alphabet

  • Uppercase Alphabet

  • Connecting Letters

  • Connecting Words

  • Numbers & Symbols

  • Developing Style (includes flourishing!)

If you have ever wondered where to begin when it comes to learning this art form, this practice book makes it easy for you because it will show you what to work on and in what order, so that you can practice in a purposeful way. The paper was specifically chosen so that you can practice directly in the book (or you can always use tracing paper on top to preserve the pages). Other features of the practice book are lay-flat binding, perforated pages, and a place to date your work so you can track your progress!

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This book is amazing. No fluff. Basic instructions. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I’ve seen so much improvement in my lettering in less than a week of practicing. You’re the best!! I am still practicing. I knew I would love lettering once i found the exact tools I needed. Very meditative. I have looked at several books before and since I’ve purchased yours. Most other books have room to practice each letter a couple of times. With yours, having traceables and then several lines for each letter allows for absolute consistency. I don’t want to flourish my letters right now I want them to be consistent!! Most look like picture books which is why I always put them back on the shelf. I finally saw yours in Hobby Lobby and almost yelled YESSSSSS!!! I hurried to the checkout, didn’t even know if I was paying $5 or $50! Haha. I think I paid $16 or $18. Worth every penny!!!
— Jen W.

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